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my recent work


design and development of

SUD volumes critique is an online journal promoted by the national superior school of architecture of marseille ensa·m

it aims to highlight different types of worked related to research and teaching and the possible intersections with architecture, landscape and urban planning

From graphic design to website development

design and development of

a discussion and experimentation group exploring an alternative practice for architects

a research-action laboratory that examines the loss of consideration towards resources in the construction field.

from graphic design (based on existing identity) to website development

creation of an online shop for l'atelier chorégraphique

both a dance studio and a school, where beginners and confirmed dancers come to pratice

from identifying the client's need to the platform development

the customers

i had the chance to work with
Da Caze Architecture Collectif Lost and Find ENSA Marseille atelier chorégraphique LAC LLOAP EASA Network En dehors des clous We city